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To get a mobile app, on site streaming, and more feature sets rather than tweaks I need to pay rent. Consider pledging <3

The site is being recoded. At the same time, the site needs updates, so the recode will clash with the existing site.
Chat is being recoded from scratch, as well, but that follows the site's stability.

This list will exclude every minor change and try to only include things relevant to the end user.
Changelog 0.86.4a
  • Fixed users inability to remove AUTHs
  • Fixed issue after hosting preventing the site to switch when the streamer goes online
  • Site admins can now 'reset' the state of hosting/online
  • Streamlined admins to adding emotes
  • Attempted to fix issue with causing chat to disconnect for a brief time
  • Updated register/sign in pages
  • Viewer Count no longer cut off
  • Viewer count is hidden when hosting
  • Fixed chat loading the incorrect font
  • Fixed issue preventing users from being able to log in
  • Auto-embeds fixed for hosting, soon, and live
  • View-count/Live ribbon updates much quicker
  • Further tweaked the Navbar
  • Fixed the embed loading multiple chat windows when refreshed
  • Streamlined hosting for site Admins
  • Optimized Code to speed up the site
  • Reverted a lot of code holding back updates
  • Live counter redone for newer navbar
  • Fixed Gift Subs bug
  • Subscription page redone
  • Chat standardized
  • Navbar redone
  • Admins can change usernames from the site
  • Footer reverted
  • Fixed issue with a giant block showing on certain browsers
  • Admin can put website in Maintenance Mode
  • Navbar patched with new CSS to prevent issues with some browsers
  • Placeholders made for creaters to start a site
  • Added emotes POPTART, SOYBOY, & YECH
  • PigPuncher: Fixed issue with sessions
  • Non-Destructive way to Apply Site Updates
  • Notification Warning when accounts have only 1 sign in method
  • Profile pages updated
  • Fixed issues of blank spaces in certain browsers
  • Patched bug not allowing forced embed
  • QoL improvements for admins
  • Alternative YouTube stream fetching Method
  • Admin Settings Menu redone
  • On-Site Notifications redone
  • CSS Recode Slowly replacing old
  • Viewer Count Removed for Forced Embeds
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[6] MIT (May 5th, 2017 Perpetual)
[7] MIT (Jan 14th, 2018 Perpetual)